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Comments to a journalist

A few days ago I was asked to comment on what the daesh (ISIS) strategies are and what effect the US led coalition would have by a leading journalist for a British newspaper. Below are my original comments as I … Continue reading

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The fake sheikh: Why the media repeat Ali Hatem’s false ‘claim’

From his hotel lobby in Erbil he appears on TV screens in crisp white attire, like an Iraqi Lawrence of Arabia. In fact his delusions of grandeur are almost as good as Peter O’Toole’s acting. But this ‘crown prince’, as … Continue reading

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7 reasons why daesh are not Muslim, actually conflict with Islam, and go against the Quran

1. They kill human beings without just cause “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for … Continue reading


Iraq neighbourhood watch update

A neighbourhood like the Middle East doesn’t encourage friendly neighbourly-like behaviour, but being nice is certainly not in fashion at the moment. With the Arab spring crawling along the ground bloodied and bruised, some faces have changed, but not enough … Continue reading

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The “Monkey Master” fable – Why the Arab Revolution caught on

  In his book “From Dictatorship to Democracy”, Gene Sharp uses a famous Chinese fable to explain why people tolerate oppressive dictatorships for so long. A Fourteenth Century Chinese parable by Liu-Ji, for example, outlines the neglected understanding of political … Continue reading

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Why should America continue to pay for Iraq’s reconstruction?

I’ve now read in full the report released today by the Government Accountability Office of the United States Congress on Iraqi-US cost sharing. The subtitle of this report, Iraq has a cumulative budget surplus, clearly elucidates the Obama administration’s policy … Continue reading

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Will any of the black gold wealth finally reach the Iraqi people?

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Up to 50 people living in a house in Iraq – no joke

The video above is a satirical piece by a comedian in Sadr City, Baghdad which does exaggerate things a bit, but is not that far off from the truth. I know because I have seen it, several families crowded into … Continue reading

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Iraq is still there despite efforts to destroy it

It has been a long 7 and a half years since the fall of Saddam, but Iraq is still facing terror, although in different forms and with no one person to blame. Attacks on infrastructure, civilians, governmental institutions and individuals … Continue reading

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Allah wyak Aboosi

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